Dog Waste Bags Landfill Biodegradable 4pk

Landfill biodegradable, strong dog waste bags. Compact enough to fit in the Poochette dispenser. Caring for the environment



Landfill Biodegradable dog waste bags – superior in quality, and environmentally friendly dog poop bags.

How are these different to the cheaper waste bags on the market?

A unique organic additive is used for the biodegradation of plastic.  Consequently, the bag is eaten by bacteria, causing it to break down into a natural plant fertilizer and not into small pieces of fragments.  The waste bag will decompose fast and efficiently in a landfill environment (which is were 90% of dog waste ends up).

These disposable waste bags have multiple years of shelf life and are made strong and durable.

They fit comfortably in the dispenser of the Poochette.  Don’t get caught without one again.

Standard Laboratory Test ASTM D5511



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